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Pictured above: Jostin Construction served as Construction Manager on 3CDC's Academy Lofts project.


TriVersity has served as General Contractor on nine 3CDC projects, including Imagination Alley.

3CDC places a strong emphasis on meaningful inclusion in its projects and developing relationships with minority- and woman-owned construction companies. 3CDC takes the following steps to achieve this goal:

  • Retain an inclusion consultant to assist in building relationships with contractors and to help identify inclusion opportunities
  • Host mixers to introduce minority-owned subcontractors to General Contractors (GCs) and Construction Managers (CMs) and allow them to share information about upcoming projects
  • Advance outreach to minority-owned companies to make them aware of upcoming projects and ensure they have access to plans and other bidding materials
  • Maintain a database of subcontractors that is provided to all GCs and CMs in advance of bidding 3CDC projects
  • Require all GCs and CMs to demonstrate best efforts to achieve meaningful inclusion when bidding 3CDC projects; this includes documenting outreach and follow-up efforts and exploring other opportunities to increase participation (such as subdividing scopes to align with the capacity of smaller firms)



TriVersity served as General Contractor on 3CDC's Meiners and Behlen projects. The combined cost of the projects was $15.8 and 35% of the subcontractors who worked on the projects were MBEs.

The 3CDC projects listed in the chart below have been led by a minority-owned (more specifically, Black-owned) construction management or general contracting company in recent years. On several other projects, minority-owned businesses were part of the primary construction team, working alongside the CM or GC, including Megen at Washington Park and Ziegler Park and TriVersity at Music Hall.

ProjectContractorHard Costs
Court Street CondosTriversity$5,296,441
1400 Vine Street LotTriversity1,120,450
15th & VineTriversity11,564,402
Memorial HallTriversity5,833,021
Ghost BabyTriversity793,240
City Gospel MissionTriversity8,643,600
MEINERS & BEHLENTriversity6,258,276
Imagination AlleyTriversity659,351
Fountain SquareMegen27,559,429
Elm Industries OfficeMegen4,361,932
Academy LoftsJostin1,090,644
The StandardJostin305,000
The AnnieTriversity8,000,000


TriVersity oversaw construction on the renovation of historic Memorial Hall, an $11.2 million project completed in 2016.

Ensuring meaningful inclusion is also a focus at the sub-contactor level. 3CDC has strong relationships with several minority-owned sub-contractors, who it directly invites to bid on its projects. The organization encourages each of its general contractors to hire minority- and woman-owned businesses as sub-contractors on its projects as much as possible.

Based on these efforts, 3CDC has worked with over 50 minority-owned sub-contractors in the past several years, highlighted by strong inclusion numbers at several projects:

ProjectProject Cost% MBE Participation
KROGER ON THE RHINE$94 million22%
15th & Vine$19.5 million33%
MEINERS & BEHLEN$15.8 million35%
Elm Industries Office$7 million45%
84.51° Headquarters$139 million23%