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GeneroCity 513


GeneroCity 513 is an initiative aimed at helping individuals who have been driven to panhandling, including those facing unfortunate circumstances like homelessness, addiction and mental illness. Utilizing a multi-faceted approach, GeneroCity 513 has been designed to offer a positive alternative to panhandling, help connect panhandlers to social service agencies, and provide strategic case management to the most visible homeless persons in downtown Cincinnati. The initiative's programs include a Jobs Van and Outreach Workers.


Outreach Team


3CDC partners with Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services to employ five outreach workers in Cincinnati's urban core who provide assistance to individuals on the street, regardless of their location, mental state, sobriety or housing situation. The Outreach Team connects individuals to: 

  • Substance abuse and addiction services
  • Mental health services
  • Permanent employment
  • Permanent housing 



Jobs Van


3CDC partners with City Gospel Mission to provide the Jobs Van, which offers a positive alternative to panhandling and helps connect panhandlers to social service agencies that provide opportunities for shelter, employment, and mental health and substance abuse services. The Jobs Van:

  • Operates up to four days per week

  • Picks up 10 people daily, transporting them to a job site

  • Provides free lunch during shift

  • Pays $9/hour in cash for labor


Outreach Stats

Through September 2023, GeneroCity 513 Outreach Workers had encountered 301 individuals on the street, 297 of which were willing to engage with the workers. A total of 284 referrals were made to social service agencies (some clients are referred to multiple agencies, such as substance abuse services, mental health services, and shelter). In 116 of those instances, the client followed through with the initial referral and took another step to connect with whatever service was being offered.

Outreach Hotline

If you see someone in need on the streets and would like to help, call, text, or email:

(513) 498-6192


Contact the Cincinnati Police Department's non-emergency line at (513) 765-1212 if you see aggressive panhandling or feel threatened. Call 911 in case of emergency.