The Team

Stephen G. Leeper, President & Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Leeper was appointed President & CEO of Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation (3CDC) in April, 2004. He leads 3CDC's efforts to revitalize Cincinnati's Center City including the financing, development and management of real estate within Downtown Cincinnati and Over-the-Rhine (OTR). Leeper's responsibilities also include the management of $250 million in local, corporately-funded, revolving loan funds. Since 2004, Leeper has managed 3CDC's investment of $1.5 billion in Downtown and OTR.

Prior to joining 3CDC, Leeper served as executive director of the Sports & Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County (SEA) from September 1998 - April 2004, responsible for the development and financing of PNC Park, Heinz Field, David L. Lawrence Convention Center, the North Shore Riverfront Park, public parking facilities and related road infrastructure. These developments represent over $1.1 billion in private and public funding and have resulted in new mixed use development for the city of Pittsburgh. Leeper has also served as director of development for the City of Pittsburgh and director of the Department of Housing for Pittsburgh's Urban Redevelopment Authority.

Leeper is a native of Pittsburgh. He received his bachelor's degree from Ohio University and a master's degree from the Ohio State University.

Adam Gelter, Executive Vice President, Development

Adam Gelter joined the 3CDC team as an intern in 2005. He later assumed the position of Development Manager, and in 2011 was promoted to Executive Vice President of Development.  In his current role, Gelter leads the development team with the main priority of developing strategies and implementation plans for underutilized real estate within Cincinnati’s center city.  Gelter plays an important role in all of 3CDC’s endeavors.

Most recently, Gelter oversaw his team through the renovation of two of Cincinnati’s most historic arts venues – the $11.2 million renovation of Memorial Hall, and the $143 million renovation of Music Hall. Both spaces, which had become somewhat rundown and outdated, were re-opened to the public, and have returned to fully-functional performance and events venues with modernized amenities and functional upgrades throughout. Additionally, Gelter led the development team in the $31.9 million restoration of Ziegler Park – a 4.5-acre greenspace located between the neighborhoods of Over-the-Rhine and Pendleton.

Prior to joining the 3CDC team, Mr. Gelter received his Bachelor of Science in Community Development from Vanderbilt University and Master of Community Planning with an Economic Development concentration from the University of Cincinnati.


Tim Szilasi, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Tim Szilasi joined 3CDC in 2012 as an Accounting Manager, after spending two years as a member of the organization's audit team. Soon after, he was promoted to Senior Accounting Manager, spending several years in this role. In late 2015, Szilasi served as interim CFO for a period of four months before being appointed Vice President & Chief Financial Officer at 3CDC in February of 2016. At the start of 2017, he was promoted to Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer.

Szilasi is responsible for the financial and administrative functions of the organization, including budget development and management, accounting and reporting, audit management and oversight, internal controls, tax compliance, capital management, loan portfolio management, human resources, risk management, and information technology.

Prior to joining 3CDC, Szilasi obtained his CPA license and spent seven years as an auditor with accounting firm Grant Thornton LLP. He received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from the University of Cincinnati.


Christy Samad, Senior Vice President,
Event Management

Christy Samad joined 3CDC in 2008 as part of the communications team after earning her Bachelors in Marketing & International Business from the University of Cincinnati. Following a four-year stint in her initial role, Samad transitioned to the Events Team, where she remains today. At the start of 2017, she was promoted to Vice President of Event Management, and in 2018, Senior Vice President of Event Management -- a role in which she provides the leadership, direction and focus necessary to ensure 3CDC’s vision for civic spaces is achieved.

Currently and throughout her tenure, Samad has managed the programming of 3CDC’s civic spaces which include Fountain Square, Washington Park, Memorial Hall and Ziegler Park. She oversees all aspects of the programming, staffing and financial management that allow each of 3CDC’s civic spaces to thrive. In addition, Samad works closely with the communications and operations teams to make certain the venues are promoted properly, and safely and actively managed.


Lann Field, Vice President, Development

Lann Field joined 3CDC in 2008 as a Development Officer after earning her Masters in Community Planning from the University of Cincinnati. She was subsequently promoted to Senior Development Officer, then spent two years in the role of Development Manager prior to being named Vice President of Development in 2015. In her current role, Field wears many hats, as she is responsible for overseeing aspects of everything from property acquisition and project planning to real estate finance and construction management.

During her tenure, Field has overseen or worked on projects totaling $130 million, highlighted by the $49 million Mercer Commons project.

Prior to joining 3CDC, she received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Tennessee, and a diploma in Alternative Design Studies from Archeworks, a multidisciplinary design school in Chicago.

Joe Rudemiller, Vice President,

Marketing & Communications

Joe Rudemiller joined 3CDC as a Communications Officer in 2014. He began overseeing the non-profit real estate developer’s communications efforts in 2016 and became the organization’s Vice President of Marketing & Communications in 2019. In this role, Rudemiller leads communications-related activities pertaining to 3CDC’s real estate development work, as well as the overall promotion of Downtown Cincinnati. His responsibilities include media relations and oversight of all corporate communications – including email marketing campaigns, grant applications, and tenant marketing support, as well as managing 3CDC’s website and the websites of each of its five subsidiaries.

Prior to joining 3CDC, Rudemiller spent seven years as a Human Resources Communications Consultant. He received his Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Ohio University.

Deana Taylor, Vice President,

Human Resources

Deana Taylor joined the 3CDC team in 2016 as Senior Human Resource Manager, and in January of 2017 was promoted to Vice President of Human Resources. In her current role, Taylor leads the HR team, overseeing all aspects of 3CDC’s HR function, as well as the company’s IT needs. Taylor’s focus is ensuring that all HR practices and procedures support the needs of the organization and the proper implementation of its strategy and objectives. Her responsibilities include payroll and benefits, recruitment, performance management, employee relations, employee engagement, training and development, and talent management.

Prior to joining 3CDC, she received an Associate’s Degree in Information Technology, a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management and a Master’s Degree in Labor and Employment Relations, all from the University of Cincinnati. Taylor also earned a Juris Doctor (JD) degree from Northern Kentucky University’s Salmon P. Chase College of Law, and is certified as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and SHRM-CP.

David Vissman, Vice President, Operations

David Vissman joined 3CDC in 2011 as Site Manager at Fountain Square. As 3CDC grew its operational portfolio to include three additional civic spaces – Washington Park, Memorial Hall, and Ziegler Park, Vissman spearheaded the opening of each site. In 2014, he was promoted to Senior Operations Manager, before being named Vice President of Operations in 2018.

In his current role, Vissman oversees the day-to-day management of all four 3CDC-managed civic spaces and 20 Operations team members. His role also includes oversight of the Over-the-Rhine District Management program, which was developed to ensure a safe and clean streetscape over 35 blocks in the OTR neighborhood. Additionally, he manages 3CDC’s six public parking garages and ancillary parking lots, comprising over 3,500 parking spots.

Before joining 3CDC, Vissman earned his Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Kentucky.


Steve Leeper

President & CEO


Adam Gelter

Executive Vice President, Development


Tim Szilasi

Senior Vice President & CFO


Christy Samad

Senior Vice President, Event Management


Lann Field

Vice President, Development


Joe Rudemiller

Vice President, Marketing & Communications


Deana Taylor

Vice President, Human Resources

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David Vissman

Vice President, Operations