Completed Project

The buildings and vacant lots located at 1425-1437 Vine Street and 5 W. 15th Street were redeveloped into a single five-story mixed-use property consisting of approximately 45,000 SF of open office space and 10,000 SF of ground floor retail space. Featuring roughly 10,000 SF of office space per floor (with the exception of the 7,000-square-foot fifth floor, which also features an 1,800-SF rooftop terrace), this project was created in such a way that it could suit a single tenant or several on each floor. 3CDC built the building on spec, recognizing the high level of demand for office space in the neighborhood, particularly with a focus on space in the 10,000 SF range. Several floor plate options were studied to balance construction cost and leasable floor space. The unique design integrates four existing historic buildings with modern new construction. The building was completed in April 2018, and all the space had been leased by fall 2018, with Bonobos, Pursuit, A World of Beads and Sacred Beast filling the street-level commercial spaces, and co-working concept Spaces occupying the buildings upper four floors.

Construction Photos

Essential Facts

  • Developer
  • Project Cost
    $19.5 Million
  • Uses
    Commercial & Office
  • Completion Date
    April 2018
  • Commercial SF


1425 - 1437 VINE STREET

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