July 2021 Updates


The leasing office for the residential units at 4th & Race is now open. Move-ins will begin in the coming weeks. Please visit the leasing website for more details at 4thandrace.com. An Artworks mural is underway on Race Street and will be completed at the end of the month.

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Windows have been installed throughout both buildings that make up Court Street South Condos, and electricians are working on setting up permanent power. The Stanley—located at 7-11 Court Street—is expected to be finished in September, and Moore Flats—located at 915-917 Vine Street—is expected to be completed in October.


In July, The Foundry finished construction on the lower roofs as well as the Level 4 roof. Core shell lighting, sprinkler, ductwork and water source heat pumps are all set throughout the building, and drywall for the lobbies will occur in the coming weeks. Façade work is ongoing, with the new glass façade that will wrap the building completely installed on Vine Street and half installed on Fifth Street. Crews will next move to Race Street and installation is expected to be completed in August. Work along Vine Street’s streetscape will be underway throughout August as well.


Construction crews are working to finish work on the 15th Street building at Gosling Flats in the coming days, with units scheduled to go on the market in August. The units on Race Street will follow in September. Work on the courtyard will begin at the beginning of the month.


Keyer Row is currently seeking LEED Gold certification, with unit-by-unit testing underway. Plumbing and HVAC work recently started on the north building, while electrical inspections passed on the south building, which has received permanent power. Work on wooden floors in the middle building is underway, with tile floor installation to follow. Exterior painting is complete across the project, and window openings are being prepared for the north building.


Construction has been completed on five of the 20 buildings that comprise the Willkommen project. Final touchups, along with mechanical, electrical and plumbing work, are underway at a handful of buildings, while work on floors, cabinets and countertops are wrapping up at others.

For additional details, subscribe to regular project updates, and refer to the archive for past updates.