December 2021 Updates


Streetscape work on 5th Street is now complete, and the sidewalk and street have been reopened. The installation of cornice metal panels is ongoing, as work continues at the corner of Vine and 5th streets, as well as on Vine and Race streets. The streetscapes at Race and Vine will be complete and reopened in January when work on the metal panels has wrapped up. The garage and office lobbies have been completed and opened, and Deloitte opened its doors to employees on December 13 as the first tenant to occupy the building. Meanwhile, crews have begun framing in the future home of Royce – a corner restaurant at 5th and Vine. Interior fit out work continues in the Turner office space at the west side of the second floor and plans for the Jeff Ruby space on Vine Street have been submitted for permit.


Construction at Gosling Flats is officially complete. Each of the six units in the building at 26 W 15th Street and all five of the units in the building at 1508 Race Street have been sold or are currently under contract. Additionally, the commercial storefront spaces are complete and ready to be leased.


Each of the residential units is now complete and will be move-in ready in early January. Two of the commercial spaces have also been completed and are being shown to potential tenants. The three remaining commercial spaces are nearing completion as well. Lastly, the building passed all LEED inspections and certification is expected by the beginning of February.


While many of its buildings are officially complete, the Willkommen project continues, with ongoing construction of the new buildings at 1521 Vine, 1512 Republic and 1602 Pleasant Streets. As of late, the installation of cabinetry, appliances and wood flooring is underway in the buildings on Vine and Pleasant streets, while work on the exterior brick façade progresses at the Republic Street building.