August 2021 Updates


Street-level storefront work at The Stanley is underway, with cabinetry work and tile backsplash installation underway in the residential units above. Construction on the interior stairwell at Moore Flats has started, with flooring complete on floors 3 and 4. Work on the second-level flooring began at the end of August.


At the Foundry, façade work has been completed along both Vine and Fifth streets, and is underway on Race Street. The buildout for Deloitte’s recently leased space is continuing, along with framing and drywall installation for the lobby and corridor walls. The roof replacement is expected to be complete in September, and work on the Fifth Street streetscape will begin in the coming weeks.


The residential units in one of the two buildings that comprise Gosling Flats have been completed and went on the market at the end of August. There are six units in that structure, located at 26 W 15th Street, and three are already under contract. Meanwhile, carpentry work is wrapping up on the units in the building located at 1508 Race Street, as is electric work.


The three buildings that make up Keyer Row are set to be completed in mid-November and early December. Framework on the street-level storefront of the southern-most building is underway, while the roof of the center building was prepped for skylight installation at the end of August. Plumbing inspections for the north building were set for the end of August, and drywall work is wrapping up inside four residential units.


After a year of construction, several buildings that are part of the Willkommen project have been completed, including those at 1600 and 1623 Race Street, as well as 211 and 215 Woodward Street. The commercial spaces at various sites are nearly move-in ready for future tenants, and exterior brick installation and additional framing is underway at others.

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