Sweet Petit Desserts to Open Shop in OTR

Posted on June 14, 2013 by amileham

Sweet Petit Desserts to Open Shop in OTR

“A splendid collection of edibles and gifts”

CINCINNATI (Friday, June 14, 2013) – Sweet Petit Desserts creator Taren Kinebrew signed a lease today for a 753-square-foot space at 1426 Race Street, in the ground floor of 3CDC’s Westfalen II project. This beautiful red brick building with arched windows on the upper floors provides a highly visible historic storefront at sidewalk level for Taren’s first store. Sweet Petit Desserts’ virtual presence on its website and Facebook page will soon become a reality in OTR.

Taren grew up in the kitchen, cooking with Grandma and the result is a splendid collection of desserts made from scratch with the finest ingredients. She claims that desserts are best enjoyed as a reflection of culture, and bakes edibles that she’s tasted around the world.

Her menu includes delightful little treats such as Cake Pops ($18/dozen), Red Velvet Bites ($15/dozen), Key Lime Bars ($12/dozen), Double Chocolate Brownies ($15/dozen), Cheesecake ($12/dozen), Lemon Bars ($12/dozen), Pound Cake ($15/dozen), Petit Fours ($15/dozen), Macaroons ($18/dozen), chocolate covered items of all kinds and much more.

A recent graduate of the Bad Girl Ventures Spring 2013 Class, Taren has been cooking up her tiny delights in her own kitchen and was inspired to open a storefront. “I enjoy making people feel good about eating our sweet treats,” says Taren. “They are bite size treats bursting with flavor. Although you may not eat just one, they are prepared to fill that craving without over indulging.”

The construction schedule and store opening date are still being determined.