Registration Now Open For Fountain Square’s Cinci-CART-ic Race

Posted on February 8, 2016 by usdp

WHAT: Registration for everyone’s favorite shopping cart race is now open! Formerly known as the Cinciditarod, the 2016 Cinci-CART-ic Race is a wacky shopping cart competition that begins and ends at Fountain Square. Teams of five must make their way through a five-mile course that spans across downtown Cincinnati—all while remaining physically attached to decorated shopping carts. In addition to the new name, 3CDC has made several key changes to the competition.

  • Food Donations: This year, teams are now required to collect a minimum of 30 lbs. of food that will then be donated to FreeStore Foodbank. Teams may either drop off their items before the race or bring them to Fountain Square on race day. Prizes will be awarded to the groups who donate the most food.
  • Race Checkpoints: Upon arrival and check-in, each team will receive a time-card and a list of pre-selected checkpoints. Teams must go from the starting line to each checkpoint, in the order they are listed, before returning to the finish line. However, teams are permitted to choose the route they take between checkpoints. And finally, all teams are required to stay at each checkpoint for a minimum of 25 minutes.
  • Team Scoring: Teams will compete in various checkpoint challenges to earn prizes, not points. Challenge scores do NOT affect final race times.

WHO: Teams must consist of no more than five people—all of whom must be at least 21 years of age—in order to participate. The cost to register is $100 per team. Registration forms and waivers must be received by Friday, March 25, at 5:00PM EST.

WHERE: Fountain Square is located at 520 Vine Street in downtown Cincinnati.

MORE INFORMATION: CLICK HERE to see some of the madness from last year’s race! The official competition is set for Saturday, April 2nd, at noon on Fountain Square. Visit for the complete set of rules and regulations, or to register your team.

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