project-update 8902

Posted on September 29, 2017 by aatkinson

Site work is underway at the rear of the properties, just south of Liberty Street. New sidewalks and walkways are being installed, as well as ramps for ADA accessibility in the units on the first floor. A new pad and fence has also been installed for the trash area. The residential units within 1523-1527 and 1529-1531 Race Street are nearing completion, with finish work well underway. The commercial storefronts have been fully installed, while work on the white box continues, with restroom installation, drywall, and prep for new hardwood flooring. At 33 Green Street, the new wooden storefront has been completed with the final panes of glass. Exterior paintwork is well underway at all properties, and preparation for stoop installation is complete in front of the storefronts on Race Street.