project-update 5745

Posted on May 3, 2016 by jrudemiller

Crews have continued working throughout Music Hall in preparation for its June 1 closing date. In the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (CSO) office, the concrete mezzanine and cast-in-place concrete stairs have been poured and cured, and the installing of mechanical, electrical and plumbing is underway. In the south carriageway, the repair of underground plumbing has been completed and the excavation and formation of future structure footer has started. Meanwhile, in the north carriageway, the concrete structural footers have been completed. Both asbestos remediation and reinforcement of the mezzanine are ongoing in the paint shop, and asbestos remediation is nearly complete in the basement. In addition, the resident companies continue to move out equipment, stored materials, etc., in an effort to have everything out by the end of May.