project-update 12649

Posted on May 26, 2020 by sujvary

Crews continue to make progress at Perseverance. At 1505 Vine Street, crews are completing the rebar and finishing up pouring the foundation. Masons will start laying the first courses of masonry for the new build in the coming weeks. At 1511 Vine Street, electrical rough-ins are complete in the basement and on floors one through three. Meanwhile, HVAC rough-in is 90% complete and should be finished this week. Roofing is complete and crews will start hanging drywall in June. Plumbers are making their way through building at 1513-1515 Vine Street with rough-in completed on the basement through second floors. HVAC will move in this week. At 1517 Vine Street, crews have completed wall framing on the second and third floors. The roofing work is now complete.