September 2018 Project Updates


Crews have completed the early masonry and demolition work and are preparing to make structural modifications inside the building. The team is set to close on financing toward the end of October, at which time they will be able to release the full scope of work.


The Columbia project, which involves the complete renovation of 32,000 square feet of an existing historic building, has officially begun. Crews are currently wrapping up historic masonry restoration work on the 1301 Walnut facades. This work is being completed ahead of full construction, which is expected to begin in the next few weeks


Drywall work is now complete at Rennen and HVAC units have been set. Installation of the building’s façade is ongoing and flooring and bathroom tile installation recently began. At Beecher Flats, flooring and bathroom tile installation are complete, as cabinetry and interior trim installation continue. Installation of the façade and storefront windows also continues.


To date, crews have made progress from the basement to the ninth floor on the Court & Walnut mixed-use development. The topping slab on the garage ramp was recently completed, as well as the CMU walls at the loading dock adjacent to the Hamilton County Building. Miscellaneous CMU infills continue on the loading dock roof, as overhead MEP work continues at the loading dock and on the second floor. Crews recently placed concrete for decks on the eighth floor and are forming the ninth-floor deck. Concrete has also been placed for the shear walls and columns. Prep and connection work for the lobby stairs is underway, as well as various steel framework installation for the elevators. The installation of insulated freezer panels for the highly anticipated Kroger grocery store has begun, and various waterproofing work continues. In the coming weeks, crews will begin installing the curtain wall and lobby stairs. For additional details, subscribe to regular project updates, and refer to the archive for past updates.