November 2019 Updates


While work progressed throughout the month, a portion of the 4th & Race development collapsed on Monday, Nov. 25. The partial collapse occurred during a concrete pour on the seventh floor, which fell into the sixth floor. Our thoughts are with the impacted workers and their families, especially Preston Todd Delph, who tragically lost his life in the accident. Construction will be paused as project partners work to determine the cause of the collapse and confirm the structural integrity of the rest of the building. For additional details, subscribe to regular project updates, and refer to the archive for past updates.


Crews have installed hardwood floor and finishes on the second through fifth floors at the Behlen building. Crews are now working on installing the storefront and commercial space on the first floor. Additional ongoing work includes bringing the final utilities into the building on Vine Street and pouring concrete for the sidewalk after utilities are completed.


Columbia Flats are reaching the end of construction. Commercial and residential tenants have started to occupy the building, as 18 residential units have been leased, 11 of which are already occupied. The design phase for O Pie O, the first street-level commercial tenant in the building, is now complete, and construction should begin shortly.


At the Court Street Condos, three units have been sold and six additional units are under contract, leaving seven units available for purchase. The outdoor plaza has been completed and it is now open, conveniently connecting the new 35-space surface lot at the corner of Central Parkway and Walnut Street to Court Street. Crews are putting the finishing touches on a few remaining units at the easternmost buildings, and work is almost wrapped up on the hallways and building entries.


Crews have installed the storefront along Race and Pleasant street at Elm Industries. All hardwood floors and finishes have been installed on the second through fourth floors, and all appliances have been installed in the third and fourth floor units. In addition, crews are working to finish the installation of the floor and backsplash tile in bathrooms.


At Meiners, crews are performing the final cleaning of the second through fifth floor units, which have been completed. Crews are also finishing painting the cornice along 15th Street, and have finished installing the storefront along Vine and 15th streets. Work is also being done to bring the final utilities into the building.


At Rennen & Beecher, one commercial tenant space – The Standard Bottle Shop – is currently under construction. A new concrete slab has been poured and installation of the new fire-rated ceiling and sound ceiling are ongoing. Meanwhile, Fillo Bakery’s design phase is complete, and construction will begin in the next few weeks.