November 2017 Project Updates


Construction at Rennen & Beecher Flats is progressing steadily. Both sites have been graded and crews are ready to begin drilling foundations. Once foundation work has wrapped up, crews will begin framing the new buildings. Currently, a mason is onsite doing infill work at the existing 1505 Race Street building.


Crews are hard at work, preparing the site for construction of the new 18-story mixed-use development. The installation of augercast piles is well underway, and the perimeter lagging system is being installed in the basement area. Excavation of the basement area is ongoing, and the abandonment of a water main in Bowen Alley, which runs along the west side of the Hamilton County Administration Building, was recently completed. In the coming weeks, installation of new underground utilities will begin. For additional details, subscribe to regular project updates, and refer to the archive for past updates.


The Abington Race & Pleasant project is nearing completion, as units 1523-1531 are receiving final paint and trim. Duke Energy is in the process of connecting a new gas main to units 1531-1533, and, upon completion, will install new meters. Final site work is ongoing, connecting the residential property at 1532 Pleasant to the Race Street properties with a rear stairway that leads down from Pleasant Street to the new common area concrete patio. Paint, trim work, and floor installation are ongoing on three residential floors at 33 Green. Lastly, the commercial unit at 33 Green is undergoing preparation for the start of the buildout for its new tenant, Elementz.


The office building at 15th and Vine is starting to make its presence known on Vine Street, as exterior waterproofing and windows continue to be installed. Mechanical installation is ongoing throughout the building and structural repairs of the historic brick buildings are underway. Jeremy Lieb’s new restaurant, which will occupy a 4,900-square-foot street-level space, is officially under construction, with plans to open before the second quarter of 2018. Leasing information for the office and retail space is available on the 3CDC website .