May 2017 Project Update


Crews are currently in the process of finishing the waterproofing of Empower MediaMarketing’s new headquarters. The installation of windows is beginning at the south façade, while framing and drywall are going up inside the building. Additionally, electrical and plumbing work has begun throughout the building.


Construction at the Glassmeyer is progressing at a good pace. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are nearing completion, and drywall has been hung and painted in half of the units. In addition, decking is being laid on the courtyard balconies, tile is being installed in the bathrooms, and the exterior brick is being cleaned so that tuckpointing may begin.


Significant progress has been made on both the interior and exterior of Music Hall. Crews have been hard at work on the building’s façade, with brick staining and stone repair as a focal point. Inside, various restrooms have received fixtures, accessories and partitions, and both the CSO and CAA offices are nearing completion. Work also remains largely focused on Springer Auditorium, as crews continue installing plywood and finished hardwood flooring on various levels. On the gallery level specifically, crews recently finished repainting the crown molding and have moved on to the installation of railings. For additional details, subscribe to regular project updates, and refer to the archive for past updates.


At the Stafford, installation of kitchen cabinets and countertops is underway. Crews have also begun painting the building’s exterior. The delivery of kitchen appliances is expected early next month, and construction is on target for completion by mid-June.


In the garage area at Ziegler Park, crews are doing various concrete work, forming sidewalks, curbs and planter walls. Installation of the elevator in the southwest portal is wrapping up, while work continues on the northwest portal elevator. In addition, the garage office has been completed and parking equipment has been installed and is fully functional. Meanwhile, flat work for the sprayground is being formed and poured, and the Pool Services Building is beginning to see finish work. The pool itself has been painted and the fence surrounding the pool is now being installed. Just south of 13th Street, the basketball courts received new asphalt and the stand-alone basketball poles and hoops are installed and fully functional. The fence surrounding the courts is currently being installed. To learn more, sign up to receive project updates, or browse through the archive.


The masonry stair tower has progressed up to the fourth floor at the 15th and Vine project, and is scheduled to be completed next month. Additionally, steel delivery is set to begin during the first week of June. Once it’s on site, the building’s steel will be erected beginning at the south end of the site, progressing to the full height of the structure, and then moving north. Finally, in addition to continuing to work on the electric trench, engineers are coordinating mechanical systems utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, which creates a 3D representation of the structure to make coordination easier. Leasing information for the office and retail space is available on the 3CDC website.