May 2016 Project Update


The construction of the Race Street Condos – a portion of the broader 15th & Race project – has continued at a good pace. Framing is nearly complete on floors one, two and three. In addition, rear site work grading has started, and the front façade is being installed on levels one and two.


Crews have completed the excavation of the garage site at Ziegler Park and have started working on soil stabilization at the site, in preparation for the installation of the garage foundation. The existing playground and pool areas have been demolished and converted into temporary parking until the garage is complete. For more frequent updates, subscribe to our regular Ziegler Park project update newsletters.


Although the office space in Union Hall has already been completed, crews are currently busy building out the space for new first-floor restaurant tenant, Panino. Electrical, plumbing and HVAC rough-ins are in progress, and framing has started throughout the space. In addition, millworkers are in the process of fabricating the wooden bar top.


Work on 8th & Sycamore’s new 500-space above-grade garage is almost complete. With the concrete pours essentially finished, crews are working on installing sprinklers, light fixtures and security cameras throughout the garage. Installation of the elevators has also begun, and 3CDC has already started accepting requests for monthly parking passes.


A great deal of work is being done at the Central Parkway YMCA, as the project continues to near completion. Exterior and interior painting has continued throughout the entire building, and flooring has been installed in roughly half of the structure. In addition, millwork is progressing nicely and trim is being installed around the building’s windows. Other work includes the installation of lockers, a new pool lining, sauna and steam rooms and restroom partitions.


Music Hall officially shut down for construction late last month. For an extensive look at the work that’s already been done to the historic hall, as well as what is scheduled to take place this week, read the first weekly construction update on the project. To stay up-to-date on construction activities, subscribe to weekly updates, which will be distributed every Friday.


Crews are making good progress on the renovation of Memorial Hall. The new addition to the rear of the building is partially constructed through the second floor, and the construction crew is working on shoring the existing building to enable the connections from the historic structure into the new addition. Meanwhile, inside the building, cleaning and repair work on the decorative paint and plaster has started. Additionally, mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) coordination has continued throughout the building. MEP upgrades are a key component of the Memorial Hall upgrades, in order to provide improvements to the patron and performer experience.