March 2017 Project Update


Previously known as Race Street Condos, units at The Allison are officially complete. Condos are now being sold at the mixed-use development located by the 3CDC Sales Team. Visit the Condos section of the 3CDC website for more information, or to set up a tour.


Construction continues to progress at the future headquarters of Empower MediaMarketing. All floors have now been poured. Interior plumbing and electrical rough-ins are in process, beginning on the first floor. Exterior framing has begun at the southwest corner of the building and interior framing has started around the interior stairs, restrooms, and electrical rooms. Construction remains on target, with an expected completion date of August 2017.


Work on the historic Glassmeyer building is moving along nicely. Exterior masonry work is nearing completion and tuckpointing of the exterior brick will follow. New staircases were installed in the 15th Street building, where only ladders previously existed. Currently, crews are framing the interior walls and fitting out the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems, as well as installing insulation throughout. Window installation will also take place in the coming weeks.


Over the course of the month, crews have continued to make exciting progress both inside and outside the hall. Inside, the new escalators have been completely installed, the risers have been poured in Springer Auditorium, and cove restoration work continues in Corbett Tower. Outside, masonry restoration work, including brick repair and stone cleaning, has officially begun. For additional details, subscribe to regular project updates, and refer to the archive for past updates.


Construction and renovation efforts are well underway at the Stafford, with continuous progress being made. Window installation has begun, and four residential units within the building will feature bedroom skylights. Crews are nearly finished hanging drywall and are on to the first coat of paint. Additionally, they have begun prepping the existing floors for new hardwood and tile.


Things are coming together at Ziegler Park as the pool and garage have continued taking shape. Although crews experienced minor delays due to inclement weather, construction of the above grade perimeter walls along the south and west sides of the garage are complete, while backfilling and waterproofing work continues. In the pool area, work has been focused on construction of the surge tank and pool equipment building, as well as the pool itself. To learn more, sign up to receive project updates, or browse through the archive.


At 15th and Vine, augercast piles for the new foundation have been installed throughout the site. Work on the pile caps is scheduled to begin the first week of April. Together, they will form the structural foundation to support the new-construction components of the building. Concrete for the new foundation will be poured in late April through early May. Leasing information is available on the 3CDC website.