June 2016 Project Update


Crews are currently busy installing the auger cast piles that will help serve as the foundation for the new underground garage at Ziegler Park. Meanwhile, across the street, the future site of the pool area and sprayground has been demolished and graded, and the site is expected to be excavated in early July. For more frequent updates, subscribe to our regular Ziegler Park project update newsletters. Past issues are available in our archive.


Crews are hard at work as they make the final push toward the Central Parkway YMCA’s completion. Painting has continued throughout the building – both on the exterior and interior. Meanwhile, the installation of flooring, lockers and restroom accessories, as well as millwork, has all been completed. In addition, the sauna and steam rooms are still being installed, and the pool is being prepared to fill with water. The YMCA’s office furniture has been moved into the building, and fitness equipment is being set up in anticipation of the Grand Reopening on July 20.


The buildout of the first-floor restaurant space in Union Hall, future home of Panino, is moving ahead at a good rate. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins have been completed and drywall is being installed. The bar is starting to take shape, as the die wall for the bar itself is on site and in place. Meanwhile, designs for custom large-format tables have been completed and construction is underway off-site. In addition, the epoxy flooring behind the bar and in the kitchen is scheduled to commence in early July.


The Memorial Hall renovation is progressing well. The second floor of the new addition to the rear of the building has been poured and the ballrooms have been outfitted with new sub-floors. In addition, plaster restoration and paint repair is ongoing throughout the historic structure, and mechanical, electrical and plumbing coordination has continued throughout the building. For bi-weekly updates on the project, subscribe to the Memorial Hall Project Update newsletter. Past issues are available in our archive.


Construction on Music Hall has continued at a rapid pace over the course of the last month. For a comprehensive look at the work that has been completed, as well as what is coming up next week, read our weekly construction updates on the project, and subscribe to weekly Friday updates.


Work on the Race Street Condos – a portion of the broader 15th & Race project – is progressing nicely, with much of the focus on the exterior of the building. Crews are in the process of installing exterior windows, and brick façade work is still ongoing. Additionally, rear sitework is ongoing for building utilities and crews are expected to begin roof work in early July. Inside the building, electrical and plumbing installation has started on the third floor.


The new 500-space above ground garage at 8th & Sycamore continue to move closer toward completion this month. Permanent power is expected to be installed throughout the garage by early July. In addition, work is ongoing to finalize the stairwells with the addition of hand rails, and one elevator has been installed. Crews are currently installing the second elevator in anticipation of an opening date early next month. Requests for monthly parking passes are being accepted.