June 2014 Project Update


Eight out of thirty-three Westfalen II units are either sold or under contract. The remaining spaces vary in size from studios to two-bedroom units and feature shared outdoor space and some private balconies.


Construction at Tea Company Townhomes remains ongoing. All four units at 1307 Republic are now complete. Work on the four units at located at 18 West 13th Street should be finished by the end of June. Pricing and other listing information is now available at www.OTRLiving.com. Open house tours are expected to begin the end of this month as well.


Four out of nine units are either sold or under contract. The remaining units include studios and one-bedroom units, along with on-site parking.


Mercer Phase II: Eight of the eleven buildings are now available for residential occupancy. Construction on the sixty-seven apartment units and 11,000 SF of commercial space is expected to be complete by the end of this month.


Concrete construction has now reached above grade to level eight. Construction on the north core elevator shaft is has reached grade level six, while work on the south core elevator shaft is now up to grade level eight. Underground elevator construction is also underway. Concrete pours for the columns in the northern and southern areas of the site are complete, up to levels five and seven. The level five and seven concrete slabs located throughout the site are also complete. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations continued on all finished site levels. Preparation for laying the building façade is now underway. Underground unit construction will remain ongoing throughout the site.