July 2018 Project Updates


Crews recently finished pouring the fifth-floor deck and installing metal decking at the loading dock. Currently, the forming and pouring of the sixth-floor deck is underway. Exterior wall framing has also begun, as well as CMU installation at the elevators and north stairwell. In the near future, crews will begin installing exterior tile and roofing at the loading dock and forming and pouring the roof above the helical ramp. For additional details, subscribe to regular project updates, and refer to the archive for past updates.


At Beecher Flats, drywall work is finished, and crews have poured gypcrete. Exterior brick is being set and should be complete in the coming weeks. The parking lot base course has been poured and exterior fiber cement siding is now being placed. Crews will also begin priming the interior walls in the near future. At Rennen, utility inspections are officially complete and rooftop units are being set. Exterior brick is being set and should be completed in the coming weeks, as insulation continues to be installed.


Demolition work is progressing nicely throughout the building and nearly all the historic openings that were previously bricked over through the years have been re-opened. Currently, crews are finishing opening up the windows on the south side of the building, as well as making structural repairs. Masonry work is also well underway. Several walls are being removed, in addition to old equipment and debris in preparation for upcoming construction activity, scheduled to begin within 30-45 days.