July 2013 Project Update


In Phase I of the project, seven of the 11 Mercer Historic units are currently under contract. Structural framing for the One Mercer mixed-use building on Vine Street and the Mercer Townhomes on Mercer Street is nearly finished. The buildings will be completed in Fall 2013. In Phase II of the project, 10 or 11 rehabs are under construction. Some are in demolition phases while others are ready for framing inspections to hang drywall. The new construction building will start piles in mid July.


Residential units will be complete mid-July. The ribbon cutting event is scheduled for Thursday, July 25 at 10:00 a.m.

Work in progress includes drywall installation, drywall finishing, and painting. Construction should be completed in August with an early fall store opening.


Interior demolition has been completed at 1311-1315 Vine Street. As we work to finalize the financing package for the project, 3CDC and Cintrifuse are working with City Studios Architecture to complete the design of the future Cintrifuse space. In addition Sol Design + Consulting has recently been brought onto the project team to help the project achieve LEED Silver certification. Construction will begin early this fall.


Construction continues to move forward and project is targeting completion in late summer with 14 rental apartments coming online in September or October. Units have taken shape and drywall is nearly completed. Marketing materials are available for each unit.


Construction is wrapping up and the project is scheduled to be completed in July.