January 2017 Project Update


Interior stabilization has continued at 15th & Vine, as crews are preparing to infill the basements and remove the rear of the buildings. Preliminary work on the new foundation will take place in the coming months. Leasing information is available at on the 3CDC website.


Crews have continued to demolish the former Pogue’s Garage level-by-level. Demo work will continue until next month and is about 90% complete at this time. Demolition and clean-up of the site will be completed over the next couple of weeks as prep for construction begins. For more information, subscribe to regular project updates or refer to the archive for previous newsletters.


The Allison, formerly known as Race Street Condos, is nearly complete. The temporary fencing was recently taken down and the sidewalk in front of the building is now open to pedestrian traffic. Finishing touches, including glass-door shower enclosures, bathroom mirrors, plumbing fixtures, appliances and door hardware, are currently being installed. Condos are already being pre-sold by the 3CDC Sales Team. For more information, or to set up a tour, Contact Us.


Construction of Empower MediaMarketing’s new home continues to progress daily. The steel is set in the historic Hukon building and tied into the structure’s exterior masonry walls, allowing the construction team to remove the scaffolding on the East and South exterior walls. A crane is back on site, allowing steel erection to continue on the new construction portion of the site.


Music Hall’s renovation is moving forward at a good pace. Work has remained largely focused on Springer Auditorium but crews are hard at work in all areas of the historic building. For additional details, subscribe to regular project updates to learn more, and refer to the archive for past updates.


Crews continue to make progress on all areas of Ziegler Park. The roof-level deck of the garage is nearing completion, and various work is ongoing throughout the structure. In the pool area, construction of the equipment and services buildings, as well as the pool itself will continue through February. For additional details, sign up to receive project updates, or browse through the archive.