January 2015 Project Update


Construction has commenced on the existing building at 14 Mercer – primarily masonry and floor joist repair. Additionally, grading and foundation excavation is underway in the adjacent vacant lots for the eight new construction townhomes that will occupy the site.


Reframing of the roof is underway, in order to accommodate the decking material and framing for the building’s new shared roof deck. Meanwhile, crews are preparing to build the elevator hoistway by removing wall sections and pouring footers in the basement slab. In addition, windows are on order and will begin to be installed in the upcoming weeks.


The dunnhumby Centre Garage has now been open to the public for nearly two months, although a few finishing touches are currently being implemented. Additionally, of portion of level four is being used for construction storage and, therefore, is closed to the public. Elsewhere at the site, the area where the buck hoist sat is now completely buttoned up and the building’s façade is now complete. Outside the building, a portion of the east sidewalk is closed while work is being done on the Duke Energy vault beneath the sidewalk. Also, the site’s light poles have started going up along the sidewalk around the building.


Masonry has been topped out at the Drop Inn Center Women’s Facility, and steel work on the roof is nearly complete. Roofing is set to begin this month, and electricians have started working on the building’s first floor.


3CDC closed on project financing in December, and full construction is now underway on the 80,000-square-foot Drop Inn Center Men’s Facility. Crews have started miscellaneous interior demolition, including the demo of an interior courtyard. Site work is also ongoing, and crews are currently in the process of laying out the basement for the future winter shelter.


Work has continued on both buildings at City Gospel Mission’s future home. Inside Building 1, the first floor has received its initial coat of paint, while the application of epoxy coating to the flooring and the final coat of paint is underway and nearing completion. At Building 2, the third floor deck has been poured and masonry will be topped out this month. Additionally, installation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing, as well as framing, is currently ongoing in the basement and on the first floor.


Construction has started on the building located at the northwest corner of 15th and Pleasant Streets, which will officially be called The Osborne. The project consists of the renovation of three historic buildings into 11 for-sale condominiums and a 917-square-foot, street-level commercial space. The condos will be a mix of flats and two-level units, ranging from one to two bedrooms. Current work includes site prep and general mobilization. In addition, crews have already started repairing the floor framing.

15 W 14TH

The project is nearly complete, and is expected to be finished later this month. The majority of the bar equipment, as well as the bar die, has been installed in LowSpark, the building’s street-level bar. Additionally, work on finishing the ceiling and installing windows is underway. The Yoga Bar, which comprises the building’s second and third floors, was completed and officially opened earlier this month.


Major demolition has been completed, while masonry repair is still ongoing – both inside and outside of the building. Much progress has been made on the building’s interior, as framing of the condo units and rough-ins for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing are nearly complete, and a new stairwell has been constructed.


3CDC has now occupied its new office on the third and fourth floors at 1203 Walnut for one month. In addition, on January 1, 2015, Lachey’s Bar – located on the building’s first floor – officially opened to the public. Plenty of work remains, however, as four tenant spaces are still under construction on the first and second floors. Completion of the entire project is scheduled for early spring 2015.