February 2023 Updates


Crews have finalized the commercial space at Avril Lofts and the residential units have been listed for sale. Contact Team Herr at Private Real Estate Collection for condo showings and visit the Condos Section of the 3CDC website for unit details and pricing.


The Cincinnati Recreation Commission (CRC) and 3CDC are returning to City Council in the next few weeks to request additional TIF funding to continue developing the Findlay Community Center. Concept designs will be presented at a community engagement session on Apr.13 at the OTR Rec Center. If you would like to attend or receive project updates, please email FindlayRec@3CDC.org.


At The Foundry, work on the Five Iron Golf Space has made substantial progress over the last month. Millwork continues at the simulator bays and prepped locations continue to be painted. Overhead and bar lighting are being installed, as well as tile in the restrooms. Kitchen and bar equipment is also being installed as it arrives on site and bar tops are being prepped for installation. All designated areas of concrete have been polished. Finally, demising wall work has begun outside of the west wall.

The future home of Divisions Maintenance Group’s (DMG) office is coming along. Drywall finishing work continues throughout the space, as well as the installation of the internal storefront glass. Millwork has been delivered for the third-floor café, and installation is underway. Specialty wall coverings are also being installed, beginning on the third floor. The monumental supplemental stair steel was delivered and staged on site, and installation has begun. Installation of the monumental stair itself will begin once the steel installation is complete.


Concrete work continues on Yukon Street and its sidewalks as part of the Ziegler Park expansion. In the coming weeks, pull boxes and conduit will be installed on Woodward Street. The construction fencing will change in the coming days to allow for the work happening on Woodward. The biggest change will include blocking access between Main Street and the park. Pedestrian access to 1324 Main and 207 Woodward will be available from Main Street. Access to 209, 211, and 215 Woodward will be available from Yukon Street. Look for construction signage indicating pedestrian paths.


At The Annie, structural repairs continue at 218 W 12th Street. Additionally, the mason has mobilized to begin tuckpointing the exterior of the building.


The installation of new hardwood flooring and bathroom tile is now complete at August Flats. Cabinetry and countertops are now being installed. The Race Street sidewalk is again open to the public and the Green Street sidewalk will be replaced in the coming weeks before reopening to the public.


Cabinetry and bathroom tile are being installed at Adeline Lofts and the installation of kitchen tile is complete. Hardwood floors throughout the building are being refinished.

At Webster Flats, cabinetry is in place, while hardwood flooring, countertops and appliances continue to be installed. The new storefront has been installed and the temporary plywood storefront will be taken down in the coming weeks.