February 2021 Updates


Crews at 4th & Race are in the process of dismantling the buck hoist located on 4th near the corner of 4th and Race streets. This will allow them to pour new sidewalk in the area in early March, and then resume finish work on the façade where the buck hoist was located. Interior work continues to be the focus in the residential units.

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Academy Lofts is wrapping up with finishing touches occurring in each unit. 3CDC has selected a team to list the 10 condominium units in March. They will be staged and photographed in the coming days.


Court Street closed down to through traffic at the beginning of February and will remain closed until the end of March. At that time, eastbound traffic will reopen and half of the parking spaces on the street will be available for use. Closing the street to traffic will allow crews to finish the project closer to the original timeline, making up for time that was lost due to delays caused by utility work that was happening on the street. Foundation work was ongoing throughout February for the streetcar and utility poles along Walnut Street, and thermal blankets were deployed across the site to prevent deep freezing during the winter storms. Roadway construction will begin in March with demolition of the eastbound lane.

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The LED board at The Foundry is under construction and will be completed March 8. The Fifth Third sign will begin installation the following day and will be finished March 22. Sprinkler installation for the core and shell will begin in March, and the new façade work will begin in May. Construction of the new roof will follow.


Both residential units as well as commercial space at Gosling Flats are progressing nicely. Window installation is in progress at 24-26 W 15th Street, and drywall installation is underway. Framing and mechanical, electrical and plumbing work is in progress at 1508 Race Street. Drywall installation will begin in the building on March 8.


The commercial spaces at each Perseverance site are expected to be mostly completed the first week of March, with the exception of the new construction building at 1505 Vine Street, which is expected to wrap up in April. The certificate of occupancy inspection passed for the 1511 Vine Street building and its residential units are complete. 1515 Vine Street’s commercial space is complete with residential units across 1513-1517 wrapping up in the coming weeks.


The historic buildings that make up the Willkommen project are moving forward in different phases. Cabinet installation is underway at 1623 Vine Street, 211 and 215 Woodward Street, with flooring being installed at 1510-1512 Moore Street and 1611 Race Street. The storefront at 1600 Race is being installed, while interior framing is underway at 1445 Walnut Street and 1601 Race Street.

In regard to new construction, masonry work will soon begin at 1602 Pleasant Street, and footers and foundation work is ongoing at 1512 Republic Street. The concrete has been cured at 1521 Vine Street and crews will soon backfill the foundation at 213 Woodward Street.

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