February 2019 Project Updates


Frigid temperatures and heavy rained slowed construction on the 4th and Race project this month, but crews worked diligently to continue progress on the project’s foundation and were able to effectively install a Storm Sewer connection on Elm Street. Additionally, existing foundations were removed along 4th and Race streets, crews finished grouting micro piles, and prep work for installing auger cast piles was completed. For additional details, subscribe to regular project updates, and refer to the archive for past updates.


An emergency wall repair on 15th Street slowed progress on the east half of the building for the past couple weeks, but crews have installed a sample window in the building and construction on the elevator tower began at the end of February.


The Columbia renovation is progressing nicely as crews have nearly completed the interior framing for the south half of the building and continue working north. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and data rough-ins are currently underway, and crews will begin insulating ceilings and installing drywall shortly.


The Court and Walnut project had some exciting developments this month, including the completion and opening of the Court and Walnut Garage. It first welcomed parkers on Feb. 18, and crews are working hard to put finishing touches on the garage by installing the necessary signage, as well as painting the garage elevator lobbies. As for the rest of the project, crews have officially opened the sidewalks along Walnut and Court streets with overhead protection, streetlights along Walnut Street have been installed, and crews have poured the concrete deck on the 16th floor. For additional details, subscribe to regular project updates, and refer to the archive for past updates.


Crews at Court Street Condos are finishing up structural and demo work for the project and have begun work on framing and mechanical rough-ins. Final roof work is ongoing, and framing and rough-ins for the rest of the building will start as work is gradually completed.


At Elm Industries, the new roof replacement is very close to completion and the new windows have been delivered and will be installed in the coming weeks. The interior walls are being framed, and HVAC and plumbing work has begun throughout the project.


Crews continue to make great progress at The Meiners Building. The basement concrete has been poured and the new elevator tower is receiving its final piece of structure. Electrical and plumbing work is underway, as is work on the HVAC system and fire sprinklers.


At Rennen & Beecher Flats, units are for sale and commercial tenants are being secured for the first floor. A driveway gate is being installed and landscaping is currently in progress.