February 2017 Project Update


At 15th and Vine, the basements of the historic buildings have been filled with leancrete in preparation for integration with the new construction portion of the building. The rear portion of the building at 1435 Vine Street has been removed, and the front portion has been shored for its future use as the main entry to the building. Crews recently began test piles for the new foundation, with drilling to begin soon. The piles will bear the load of the new foundation for the new construction portion of the building. Leasing information is available on the 3CDC website.


The demolition of Pogue’s Garage is officially complete and re-work on the Saks Fifth Avenue building is underway. The reconstruction of Mabley Place is also set to begin in the coming weeks. As project leaders are finalizing the design, new construction is set to begin in the coming months. For more information, subscribe to regular project updates or refer to the archive for previous newsletters.


Good progress is being made at Empower MediaMarketing’s future home. The second floor and ground floor slabs are scheduled to be poured this week. Also this week, roofers will mobilize to dry the building in. Construction remains on target, with an expected completion date of August 2017.


Previously known as Race Street Condos, units at The Allison are nearing completion. Punch list work has begun and furniture staging is set to begin next week. Currently, condos are being pre-sold by the 3CDC Sales Team. Visit the 3CDC website for more information, or to set up a tour.


With each passing week, steady progress is being made inside the Hall. Most recently, a good amount of work has been focused on Springer Auditorium, as crews have worked to clean and restore the main mural. Plaster work and cove restoration have also begun on the ceiling in Corbett Tower, as other work continues in various locations throughout the building. For additional details, subscribe to regular project updates to learn more, and refer to the archive for past updates.


The pool and garage alike continue to progress at a good rate at Ziegler Park. The above-grade perimeter walls in the garage area continue to be erected, while construction of the pool services building, surge tank and pool itself presses on. For additional details, sign up to receive project updates, or browse through the archive.