December 2022 Updates


Crews are finishing up in the common areas at Avril Lofts, and units are now available for sale. Contact Team Herr at Private Real Estate Collection for condo showings and continue checking the Condos Section of the 3CDC website for unit details, pricing and to view the units as they are listed.


At the Five Iron Golf space, rough inspections have been completed. Moisture board has been installed at all restroom and locker room locations and fire-rated plywood is being installed at the simulator pod locations. Exterior concrete work has been scheduled. Additionally, the location for the grease interceptor has been determined.


The removal of asphalt and concrete has started on Woodward and Yukon Streets, and a fence has been placed around the site for safety. Over the next few months, pedestrians will continue to have access along the construction site, but the exact path may change as the specific areas under construction evolve.

Based on community feedback, Black Art Speaks has developed an RFQ/RFP for public art in the expansion area, which will be released in early January. If you’re an artist or know an artist who would like to respond to it, please reach out to