December 2020 Updates


Construction on the outdoor amenities at 4th & Race have been ongoing throughout December. Balconies on various residential levels have been installed or are in progress and all units will soon be framed, with plumbing, electric and drywall installation close behind. Work on the lobby space will resume in early 2021, and sidewalks are open, except where work is active.

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Construction crews are installing bathroom tile, as well as electric and lighting fixtures at Academy Lofts. Walls are being primed and painted, and after the holiday, the flooring contractor will begin work. This will allow for millwork installation, appliances and other finishing work to follow. Units are expected to go on the market in February 2021.


At the Court Street Plaza, trench drains have been installed beneath the westbound lane and will provide drainage in place of a traditional catch basin. Additionally, underground electric work connecting pole bases to pull boxes for traffic signal operation in the western portion of the project has been completed and a subbase, which will act as the foundation for the new sidewalk, has been installed on the western portion of the block. Demolition of the eastbound lane began this past week, and foundations for bollards will be poured in the coming weeks. As a result of the demolition work, the eastbound lane will remain closed to thru traffic until January 8. The westbound lane will be shut down to thru traffic until mid-March.

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At The Foundry, the façade has been almost completely removed. Race Street will reopen for vehicular traffic once the remainder of the façade is removed. In addition, interior demolition is expected to begin on the Level 2 skywalk in the next few weeks, as will demolition of the current LED board. A new Fifth Third LED Board will be installed on the structure as part of the project. Finally, Fifth Street will reopen to vehicular traffic on January 5, but the sidewalk will remain closed.


Construction at Gosling Flats is currently focused on the stairwells, as crews work to finish up structural framing. Meanwhile, mechanical, electrical and plumbing work is 90% complete, and partition framing is in progress. The project is scheduled to be completed in July 2021.


Work has continued to progress nicely at Perseverance. Windows have been installed and the gypcrete floor has been poured on levels 3-5 at 1505 Vine Street, while mechanical, electrical and plumbing work continues on all levels. Residential touchups are being finalized at 1511 Vine Street, while focus has moved to finishes in the street-level commercial space. At 1513-1517 Vine Street, drywall, plaster and wood trim work is ongoing, with the commercial storefront installation in progress as well.


Crews have continued to move forward with construction at all four sites that comprise the Willkommen project. The restoration of 1600 Race Street has been completed, and historic windows are now being installed. Meanwhile, demolition is ongoing across the street at 1601 Race Street. Installation of flooring and insulation is in progress across multiple buildings at the various project sites, and construction will soon begin on the new construction building located at 1512 Republic Street.

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