December 2014 Project Update


Brew tanks were delivered, entering through a window on the building’s north side and put in place with the use of a large crane. A number of the tanks were hoisted up into a tiered, custom structure where the altar once stood. The installation of new wood-framed windows has continued this month, including the large, arched windows over the main entrance. Steel has been installed at the mezzanine level, which will allow for a portion of the floor to extend out over the main beer hall in a semi-circle shape. In addition, Rookwood tile has been installed from floor to ceiling on the walls of the brewing areas, and hexagonal floor tile has been installed in a pattern inspired by the Taft estate on Auburn Avenue.


The historic Central Parkway YMCA temporarily closed its doors on Dec. 8, in preparation for its $27 million renovation. Crews are currently moving equipment out of the building to prepare it for construction. Design work is underway, with construction set to begin in early February 2015.


Major demolition of the building’s interior is now complete, while masonry repair has continued throughout the interior and exterior. Inside the building, framing of the interior units is underway, while mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins have started. In addition, a new stairwell is being constructed.


An exciting new bar concept is under construction at 13th & Republic Streets, in the first-floor commercial space of the Tea Company Townhomes project. The new bar is slated to open in early 2015. Stay tuned for more information.


An additional two units at Westfalen II have sold, bringing the total to 27 of the 33 units. The remaining six units, which vary in size from studios to one-bedroom units, feature shared outdoor space and some offer private balconies. Pricing and other listing information for the remaining units is available at


Interior demolition continues at Parksite, while crews prepare to remove sections of the interior masonry wall and sections of floor to accommodate the elevator shaft. Many of the items from the building have been salvaged and donated to Building Value. Window openings are being prepped to accommodate replacement windows and to keep the building weather-tight for the winter.


Construction of the parking garage is complete, all inspections have been passed, and 3CDC has received a temporary certificate of occupancy. The garage officially opened to the public on Nov. 24, but there are still some final touches being done on the garage that don’t affect its daily use. The buck hoist has been removed and the area is in the process of being buttoned up with pre-cast concrete panels and wire mesh. A portion of the East sidewalk is closed in the area where the storefront is being installed and the buck hoist is being buttoned up. Concrete pours for the rest of the sidewalk surrounding the building are complete. Trees have been planted and planters have started being set in place on the surrounding sidewalk.


At the Drop Inn Center Women’s Facility, second-story masonry has continued to the roof and steel work is scheduled to begin later this week. Additionally, face brick installation has continued, as has metal framing on the first floor.


Work is progressing nicely at City Gospel Mission’s two-building campus. In Building 1, the new roof is now complete, and the curb and asphalt base has been set. Inside, the drywall is being finished on the first floor and the second floor has its first coat of paint. At Building 2, the second-floor steel work is ongoing and the third-floor deck will be poured this week. Layout on first floor started in earlier this month.

15 W 14TH

The 15 W 14th Street project is roughly 70% complete. Drywall has been completed and the restrooms have been tiled in first-floor bar, LowSpark. In addition, the bar die and the majority of the bar equipment has been installed. Installation of the finished ceiling and windows is underway. On the third floor, the Yoga Bar’s studio has finished drywall and tile work is almost complete, while painting has started on the walls and ceilings. Construction on the Yoga Bar’s main space on the second floor has also started.


On December 8, 2014, 3CDC moved into its new headquarters on the third and fourth floors of 1203 Walnut. The move occurred with relatively little disruption in normal operation. Plenty of work remains, however, as four tenant spaces are still under construction. Completion of the entire projection is scheduled for early spring 2015.