August 2022 Updates


At Avril Lofts, final finishes are being installed in the third- and fourth-floor condos. On the second floor, cabinet installation is underway. Work has officially started on the final ground-floor commercial space.


Since the community engagement session in May, the Findlay Community & Recreation Center design has been further developed based on the feedback received in the meeting. Construction pricing for the proposed design was also recently received. Another public engagement session will be held after this information has been reviewed. If you would like to schedule a small group community engagement session, please reach out to


Royce, a new French-inspired restaurant, opened its doors inside the Foundry in August. Located at the northwest corner of Fifth and Vine Streets, patrons are officially invited to check out the new space and dine on wood-fired fish, raw oysters, terrines, rillettes and more.

The buildout of the new Jeff Ruby’s restaurant continues. Kitchen equipment has been installed in the back of house, and millwork is underway in front of house. Work on the Vine Street patio continues as well.

The building’s primary tenant, Divisions Maintenance Group, which will be taking a portion of the second floor and the entire third and fourth floors, has begun framing work and in-wall electrical and plumbing.