August 2019 Updates


Significant progress was made on the upper levels of the 4th & Race project site during August. Crews poured the deck for the third floor and the east ramp and formed the decks for the fourth floor. They also finished pouring all concrete and columns on the third floor and completed forming, reinforcing and laying the electrical conduit for the fourth pour on the fourth floor. For additional details, subscribe to regular project updates, and refer to the archive for past updates.


Crews are framing walls and installing drywall on all levels of the project at Behlen. Elevator installation will follow the installation of the elevator at Meiners. Windows will start to be installed in the next few weeks. Exterior painting is expected to begin shortly.


At Columbia Flats, finishes are ongoing, including paint, flooring, cabinets, carpet, and light fixtures. Ahead of full completion of the residential units, two model units are ready to begin showing for lease. New windows and storefront glass are in progress. Framing of the commercial spaces has begun and the new exterior courtyard is complete. The courtyard will serve as a partial patio space for the first-floor commercial tenants and will also serve the residential tenants. Full completion of the residential units is expected in September.


Crews at Court & Walnut are putting in major work to finish off interior and exterior finishes. Work on the new Kroger is expected to finish up in September, when the grocer will open its two-floor store. Crews are installing equipment in the Kroger space as well as installing exterior panels on the building. Plumbing and electrical rough-ins continue to be finished on the upper floors.


Exterior painting is nearly complete at the Court Street Condos site. In multiple units, cabinet installation, shower door installation, bathroom tile and flooring installation is ongoing. Crews are continuing to install storefront features. Condos are now on the market.


At Elm Industries, crews are finishing drywall on floors two through four and they are beginning to prime and paint. Crews are also gearing up to turn on the new HVAC system and preparing the floors for hardwood flooring installation. Installation of the storefront is underway on the Race Street facade.


Crews are installing hardwood floors and interior finishes including cabinetry, countertops, and plumbing fixtures at Meiners. The elevators are currently being installed and are expected to be completed next month. Installation of the commercial storefront has begun.


At Rennen & Beecher Flats, multiple condos are for sale. Build-out is expected to begin soon for Fillo Bake Shop, which is the lone street-level commercial space in Rennen. 3CDC is actively working to secure two tenants within Beecher Flats.