April 2016 Project Update


Crews have continued working throughout Music Hall in preparation for its June 1 closing date. In the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (CSO) office, the concrete mezzanine and cast-in-place concrete stairs have been poured and cured, and the installing of mechanical, electrical and plumbing is underway. In the south carriageway, the repair of underground plumbing has been completed and the excavation and formation of future structure footer has started. Meanwhile, in the north carriageway, the concrete structural footers have been completed. Both asbestos remediation and reinforcement of the mezzanine are ongoing in the paint shop, and asbestos remediation is nearly complete in the basement. In addition, the resident companies continue to move out equipment, stored materials, etc., in an effort to have everything out by the end of May.


At Ziegler Park, mass excavation and demo of the former SCPA lawn, which will become the underground parking garage and playfield above, is virtually complete, including the installation of a retention system around the perimeter of the site. Meanwhile, test piles for the foundation system have been installed and are currently being tested. In addition, the basketball courts at 13th Street and the existing playground west of Sycamore Street will be claimed by the project for demo and temporary parking beginning the first week of May.


Crews are hard at work on the Central Parkway YMCA, in anticipation of a scheduled summer completion. Painting is ongoing throughout the building, and the ceiling grid is also being installed. In addition, tile is being installed on wet walls in all bathrooms, along with epoxy floors. Elsewhere in the building, the installation of the pool is underway and work on installing the windows is ongoing.


Work is progressing nicely at the Race Street Condos, which is a portion of the broader 15th & Race project. On the first floor, framing is finished, on the second floor framing is nearly completed, and framing on the third floor is scheduled to begin in early May. Outside the building, exterior masonry is expected to begin in the next few weeks.


The renovation of Memorial Hall has continued at a good pace. The concrete foundation for the new addition on the rear of the buildings has been poured, and the steel for the addition is scheduled to go up in early May. The shape and magnitude of the addition will become visible throughout the month, as steel goes up and concrete floors are poured. The kitchen and bathrooms will also begin to take shape by the end of May, as drywall is finished in those areas. In addition, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and sprinkler rough-ins continue.


The garage portion of the 8th & Sycamore project is nearing completion, as crews recently topped out the last concrete pour of the garage structure, and permanent power is scheduled to be added to the garage by the end of May. The garage is expected to be completed this summer, and 3CDC is already accepting requests for monthly parking passes.