Keeping Cincinnati Clean and Safe

District Management Program

The District Management Program is one of the most important aspects of 3CDC's operation. As a non-profit real estate developer, 3CDC breathes new life into historic buildings and vacant lots in both the Central Business District (CBD) and Over-the-Rhine (OTR). The organization's district management efforts are focused on ensuring those investments are supported by creating a clean, safe and welcoming environment. 3CDC utilizes a proactive approach to achieve these goals that includes enhancing the appearance of streets, sidewalks and other public spaces;  improving safety and the perception of safety in Downtown Cincinnati and OTR; encouraging pride in location and space; and promoting the district through community engagement, stakeholder relations, and marketing efforts.

The multifaceted operations team works in a variety of areas to conduct its work:


What is a Special Improvement District?

A Special Improvement District (SID) is a structured method of raising funds in a geographical area in order to manage and deliver critical services above the level of services provided by local government. It allows neighbors and property owners to create a sustainable funding source for maintaining safety and cleanliness of a given neighborhood. The property owners within a designated Improvement District decide what kind and what level of management services they need, and exert direct control over the delivery of those services through the adoption of a Services Plan and Budget.

The Downtown Cincinnati Improvement District (DCID) includes all property within the boundaries of Eggleston Avenue on the east, Central Parkway on the north, Central Avenue on the west (including the Centennial buildings), and the river on the south (excluding the two stadiums). It was formed in 1998, and has since been renewed six times. The most recent Services Plan and Budget were approved for renewal in 2021.

The OTR South Special Improvement District includes all property within the boundaries of Broadway and a portion of Spring Street on the east, Liberty Street on the north, Central Parkway on the west, and Central Parkway on the south. It was officially approved in 2020. Its Board of Trustees provides oversight and guidance for how funding is allocated to services provided within the SID and detailed in the Service Plan.

Ambassador Hotline

If you have questions or need one of the services outlined above, call, text, or email:

(513) 623-3429

Outreach Hotline

If you see someone in need on the streets and would like to help, call, text, or email:

(513) 498-6192

Contact the Cincinnati Police Department's non-emergency line at (513) 765-1212 if you see aggressive panhandling or feel threatened. Call 911 in case of emergency.