New Experience-Based Business Set to Open in Over-the-Rhine

Posted on August 26, 2021 by sujvary

CINCINNATI (August 26, 2021) – Tipsy Terrarium, a unique type of activity-based business that centers around terrarium-making classes, is opening in Over-the-Rhine this summer. Owner Ravee Elmer has signed a lease to move into an 1,104-square-foot space at 110 W. 15th Street in Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation (3CDC)’s Rennen & Beecher Flats development.

What started as a mid-pandemic hobby for Elmer quickly became a business interest after she gained an Instagram following because of her fun terrarium posts. Terrariums are glass containers used primarily for growing and displaying plants. Elmer enjoyed creating these fun open-air planters with succulents and colorful drainage rocks. She was utilizing a space inside the leasing office of her apartment, and in January she began looking for a storefront where she could host terrarium-making classes that double as a fun night out.

“I’m so excited about the fun, comfort, and originality that I have been given the opportunity to present to the neighborhood,” Elmer said. “I can’t wait for folks to settle in and create their unique terrariums at my new space.”

Tipsy Terrarium is bringing a new wave of unique gardening with a bit of a twist. It offers everything needed to create a personalized tabletop terrarium. The type of plants used are a variety of succulents and hybrid cactus plants, which don’t require a lot of attention and last long with adequate sunlight and water, so even a novice gardener can enjoy creating these mini masterpieces.

Elmer’s new space will emanate a farmhouse vibe, complete with a large chalkboard wall at the entrance, encouraging guests to share ideas and inspiration for future flora designers. Tipsy Terrarium will host BYOB classes—think paint-and-sip, but with succulents, colored moss and decorative drainage rocks. It will consist of two workstations that can fit eight people each, where sharing and fraternizing are encouraged during the two-hour classes. Each workstation will feature different trinkets for the terrariums, offering attendees a chance to move around and socialize.

In addition to the adult classes and private parties offered at Tipsy Terrarium, Elmer will also host classes for younger audiences, including “Junior Seeds”—for 11-17-year-olds; and “PB&J”—for children 10 and under. Regardless of age, Elmer says this is a great space to host an event of any kind.

“You’re allowed to bring in your own food, drinks and decorations,” Elmer said. “Of course, if you forget to BYOB, Standard Beer Shop is right next door.”

In addition to moving next door to Standard Beer Shop, Tipsy Terrarium joins Fillo Greek Bake Shop in 3CDC’s Rennen and Beecher Flats development, becoming the third and final street-level tenant in the development.

“Over the past 18 months, we’ve seen people really come to appreciate experiences more than ever before,” Lindzie Gunnels, Senior Commercial Leasing Officer for 3CDC said. “Tipsy Terrarium will offer customers a unique, enjoyable experience that can also serve as a creative outlet. We’re excited for Ravee to open her first brick-and-mortar shop, and think Tipsy Terrarium will be a great fit in Rennen and Beecher Flats.”

Those interested in attending a class or hosting an event at Tipsy Terrarium can book online at

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